Glossary W

Wingate test refers to anaerobic power test to evaluate maximal rate at which glycolysis can deliver ATP.

Winning at all costs refers to an approach to handling conflict in which one side seeks to win regardless of the damage to the other side.

Winter blues refers to depression that occurs only during fall and winter; presumably related to decreased exposure to sunlight. Winter blues is also known as Seasonal affective disorder (SAD ), Winter depression, Cabin fever , Hibernation reaction

Winter depression refers to period of depression that recurs seasonally, such as in winter Winter depression is another name for Seasonal affective disorder (SAD ), Cabin fever , Hibernation reaction or Winter blues

Wire Taps refers to the method of listening in on phone conversations

wisdom refers to a type of expert knowledge that reflects sound judgment and good advice in the face of high levels of uncertainty.

Wish fulfillment refers to Freudian belief that many dreams express unconscious desires .In an effort to satisfy bodily needs, the Id conjures up images of objects or events that will satisfy those needs.
Wish Fulfillment Theory refers to Sigmund's Freud best known Theory of dreaming (1900) where he claimed that all dreams represent wish fulfillment, mainly of repressed desires, exampl

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