Basal refers to the level at which a minimum criterion number of correct responses is obtained.

In the psychology context, "basal" refers to the basic or underlying level of functioning or activity in a person's physiology, cognition, or behavior. It can be used in various ways, depending on the specific domain of psychology.

For example, in the context of basal metabolic rate (BMR), it refers to the amount of energy expended by an individual at rest. In neuropsychology, the term "basal ganglia" refers to a group of structures located in the brain that are involved in motor control, among other functions. In personality psychology, "basal personality traits" refer to the most fundamental and stable dimensions of an individual's personality, such as extraversion or neuroticism.

Other examples of the use of "basal" in psychology include:

Overall, the term "basal" in psychology is used to describe the fundamental or underlying level of functioning or activity in various domains of human psychology.

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