Glossary D

Defectiveness refers to the belief that you are flawed, damaged or unlovable, and you will thereby be rejected.

Defence Mechanisms refer to strategies used by the ego to protect itself from threatening thoughts and feelings , especially anxiety created by the Id; strategies the ego uses to disguise or transform unconscious wishes.

defense mechanism refers to the common pattern of behavior, often an adaptive coping style when it occurs in moderation, observed in response to a particular situation. Psychoanalytic theory suggests that defense mechanisms are unconscious processes originating in the ego.

Defensible space refers to the range of mechanisms that combine to bring an environment under the control of its residents.

Defensible space theory refers to the belief that an area's physical features may be modified and structured so as to reduce crime rates in that area and to lower the fear of victimization that residents experience.

Defensive attributions refer to explanations for behavior that avoid feelings of vulnerability and mortality

Defensive attribution refers to the tendency to blame victims for their misfortune, so that one feels less likely to be victimized in a similar way.
Defensive bias the tendency for people to perceive themselves as personally and situationally similar to someone who is having difficulty or trouble

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