Glossary D

Deficit measurement refers to an approach to Neuropsychological assessment for understanding general conditions and disease states about a patient by examining scores that are impaired and comparing them with other factors known about the patient.

Defining feature is defined as a feature that is necessarily a part of an object or concept; a necessary attribute. a necessary attribute is also called a Necessary feature.

Definition means all the details about an event

Definition of death refers to a statement of the conditions under which an individual is understood to be dead
Deflection is when individuals avoid meaningful contact by being indirect or vague rather than being direct.

Degenerative diseases is defined as diseases not due to infection that result in a progressive decline in some bodily function ; diseases that typically result from long-term wearing out of body organs, typically associated with aging, lifestyle , and environment. Moreover, Degenerative diseases is a group of disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease , Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's chorea which resulted from the degeneration of neurons in the central nervous system . These disorders are characterized by progressive cerebral degeneration and disturbance in several behaviors or functions.

Degradation is defined as a process in which a receiving neuron releases an enzyme into the synapse , breaking down neurotransmitters into other biochemicals

Degrading pornography refers to sexually explicit material that debases or dehumanizes people, often the women

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