Glossary F

Fusion refers to a merging or meshing of thoughts and feelings in a family member; the opposite of differentiation. Fusion also refers to a relationship where one person lives through another person, denying the meaning of his own separate existence by merging with the other. In systems theory, Fusion refers to a confusion of emotion and thought.

Fussbudget refers to a person who is fussy about unimportant things.

Futilitarian means holding the belief that human striving is useless and also refers to a person who holds such belief.

Future criminology refers to the study of likely futures as they impinge on Crime and its control.

Future projection means playing a situation that could occur at some time in the future. For example, playing out an interaction with a future son-in-law

Future-focused question refers to a type of structured interview question in which applicants are given a situation and asked how they would handle it.

Futures research refers to a multidisciplinary branch of operations research whose principle aim is to facilitate long-range planning based on 1. forecasting from the past supported by mathematical models ; 2. Cross-disciplinary treatment of its subject matter; 3. systematic use of expert judgment, and; 4. a systems-analytical approach to its problems.

Futurist refers to a person one who studies the future.