Glossary F

Fundamental position is defined as rReference position essentially the same as the anatomical position, except that the arms are at the sides and facing the body.
Funerals or Funeral services is defined as formal services to mark a death and celebrate a life with the body present in an open or closed casket. Funerals or funeral services may be religious, humanist, or secular in nature

Fusiform face area (FFA) refers to an area in the human infero-temporal (IT) cortex that contains neurons that are specialized to respond to faces.

Fusiform muscles refer to a type of parallel muscle with fibers shaped together like a spindle with a central belly that tapers to tendons on each end, such as the brachialis and the biceps brachii.

Fusion refers to a merging or meshing of thoughts and feelings in a family member; the opposite of differentiation . Fusion also refers to a relationship where one person lives through another person, denying the meaning of his own separate existence by merging with the other. In systems theory , Fusion refers to a confusion of emotion and thought.

Fussbudget refers to a person who is fussy about unimportant things.

Futilitarian means holding the belief that human striving is useless and also refers to a person who holds such belief.

Future criminology refers to the study of likely futures as they impinge on Crime and its control.

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