Glossary K

Knowledge base refers to the general background knowledge a person possesses that influences most cognitive task performance.

Knowledge bias is defined as the tendency to disregard a message if one believes that the source lacks accurate and detailed knowledge.
Knowledge of results (KR) means informational feedback .

Knowledge representation refers to the mental depiction, storage, and organization of information. Knowledge representation, likewise is the form for what a person know in his/her mind about things, ideas, events, and so on that exist outside his/her mind

Knowledge structures is defined as organized packets of information that are stored in memory

Knowledge test refers to a test that measures the level of an employee’s knowledge about a job-related topic.

Knowledge workers refer to workers who add value to their company by creating and manipulating information.
- Knowledge-based processing (Top-down processing) : Knowledge-based processing (Top-down processing) applying higher-level knowledge to rapidly organize sensory information into a meaningful perception.

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