Glossary K

- Kurt Koffka (1886 - 1941) : Kurt Koffka is considered a co-founder of the school of Gestalt psychology. Koffka who is a German psychologist worked with Wertheimer on his early perception experiments .

- Kurt Lewin (1890 - 1947) : Kurt Lewin is an early Gestaltist who sought to explain human behavior in terms of the totality of influences acting on people rather than in terms of the manifestation of inner essences. Lewin was mainly responsible for applying Gestalt principles to the topics of motivation and group dynamics.

Kuru refers to a spongiform encephalopathy suffered by the Fore people of New Guinea.

Kvetch means to complain habitually, whine; gripe. It also refers to a chronic complainer and a complaint.

Kwashiorkor refers to a growth-retarding disease affecting children who receive enough calories but little if any protein.

Kyphosis is increased anterior concavity of the normal thoracic curve. The lumbar spine may have a reduction of its normal lordotic curve, resulting in a flat-back appearance referred to as Lumbar Kyphosis.