Glossary K

Kewpie doll effect refers to the notion that infant-like facial features are perceived as cute and lovable and elicit favorable responses from others.
Key may be defined as a list of correct answers for a test.

Key-issues approach refers to a method of scoring interview answers that provides points for each part of an answer that matches the scoring key.

Keyword method is a method/way of using using a familiar word or image to link two (2) items as an aid to memory,

Kibitz means to look on at some activity and offer unwanted advice or criticism. It also means to chat or banter.

Kiddie porn is a slang term that refer to pictures or films of sexual acts involving children. Kiddie porn is popularly known as Child pornography.

Kidnapping is defined as detention and taking of a person against their will; a felony consisting of the seizure and abduction of a person by force or threat of force and against the victim's will. The victim of a kidnapping, under Federal Law is one who has been taken across state lines and held for ransom

Kidney dialysis is defined as a procedure in which blood is filtered to remove toxic substances and excess fluid from the blood of patients whose kidneys do not function properly.