Glossary K

Knowledge workers refer to workers who add value to their company by creating and manipulating information.

- Knowledge-based processing (Top-down processing) : Knowledge-based processing (Top-down processing) applying higher-level knowledge to rapidly organize sensory information into a meaningful perception.

Knowledge-based view of concepts is the idea that concepts function in relation to their instances as a scientific theory does to data supporting it.

Knowledge-transforming strategy means deciding what information to include and how best to organize it to convey a point

Known-group validity refers to a form of validity in which test scores from two (2) contrasting groups "known" to differ on a construct are compared.

Lawrence Kohlberg was born in 1927 at Bronxville, New York and died in 1987 at Boston, Massachusetts .

Köhler effect refers to an increase in performance by groups working on conjunctive tasks that require persistence but little coordination of effort and is likely due to the increased effort expended by the less capable members.

Koniocellular neurons refer to ganglion cells located throughout the retina