Glossary K

Kilkenny cats refers to people who fight relentlessly till their end.

Kilocalorie (kcal) is defined as a measure of energy expenditure equal to the heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water 1 degree Celsius; also equal to 1,000 calories and sometimes written as calorie rather than kilocalorie.
kilogram-meter is defined as a unit of work in which 1 kilogram (kg) of force (1 kg mass accelerated at 1 G) is moved through a vertical distance of 1 meter;. kilogram-meter is abbreviated as kg-m, kg • m, or kgm.

Kin selection refers to the notion that the likelihood of survival of an individual's Genes is increased by helping close relative

Kinesics is defined as the study of the meaning of body movements, posture, hand gestures, and facial expressions; the study of communication through body movements. Kinesics is commonly called Body language . Moreover, Kinesics refers to non verbal communication, the study of the range of non-verbal cues we make with our bodies.

Kinesiology is defined as the science of movement, which includes anatomical (structural) and bio-mechanical (mechanical) aspects of movement.

Kinesthesia refers to aa perception of movement obtained from information about the position and rate of movement of the joints.

Kinesthesis is defined as sensations caused by muscular activity; sense that enables people to feel the motions and positions of the limbs and body.

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