Glossary K

Karyotype is defined as a visual representation of an individual's chromosomes that displays the structural components and integrity of the chromosomes.
Kegel exercises refer to a part of sex therapy for women with orgasmic disorder, in which the woman exercises the muscles surrounding the vagina. Kegel exercises is also called Pubococcygeal muscle exercises or PC muscle exercises.

Kelly Grid is defined as a technique drawn from Personal Construct Psychology devised by Psychologist George Kelly which was used to understand the way in which an individual employs his/her own experience in order to make sense of the world. Kelly Grid also known as a Repertory grid identifies and maps the interactions between the key ideas, themes or constructs that a person uses. These constructs can often be employed to rate or describe brands or organisations in a market research context. This is an individual technique and does not work well in groups.

Kennard principle is defined as principle of neural recovery that bears the name of its originator, Margaret Kennard. Kennard principle holds that earlier brain injury is associated with less impairment and better recovery of functions than injury occurring later in development. Subsequent clinical and experimental studies have not fully supported this principle.

Kenneth B. Clark, an African-American social psychologist, was born in 1914. He attended Howard University and earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1940.

- Kenneth Bancroft Clark (1914-2005) : Kenneth Bancroft Clark conducted research along with his colleagues, that demonstrated the negative effects of segregation of children. A portion of this research was cited in the 1954 Supreme Court decision that ended the legal basis for segregated education in the United States. Clark went on to become the first African American president of the APA in 1970.

Ketamine refers to a dissociative anesthetic

Ketosis is the acidosis of the blood caused by the production of ketone bodies, example, acetoacetic acid when fatty acid mobilization is increased, as in uncontrolled diabetes.