Glossary L

Laws of perceptual organization are series of rules proposed by the Gestalt psychologists that specify how people organize small parts into wholes. Some of these laws are common fate, familiarity, good continuation, good figure, nearness, and similarity. Most of these laws were originally proposed by the Gestalt psychologists, but modern researchers have proposed some additional laws

Deutsch: Lawsche Tabellen / Español: Tablas de Lawshe / Português: Tabelas de Lawshe / Français: Tables de Lawshe / Italiano: Tavole di Lawshe /

Lawshe tables are tables that use the base rate, test validity, and applicant percentile on a test to determine the probability of future success for that applicant.

Lay referral network refers to an informal network of family and friends who help an individual interpret and treat a disorder before the individual seeks formal medical treatment.
Lay-referral system refer to non-professionals such as family, friends, and neighbors who patients rely on to help cope with illness symptoms instead of seeking biomedical treatment.

Lazaretto refers to a hospital treating contagious diseases; a building or ship used as a quarantine station. Usually it refers a storage space between the decks of a ship. Lazaretto is also spelled Lazaret or Lazarette.

Richard Lazarus devised the first psychological model of stress. Lazarus saw stress as the imbalance between the demands placed on the individual and that individual’s resources to cope.

Deutsch: Faulheit / Español: Pereza / Português: Preguiça / Français: Paresse / Italiano: Pigrizia

In the psychology context, laziness is not typically defined as a standalone psychological condition but rather a symptom or characteristic that can be associated with a variety of factors. It is often described as a lack of motivation or desire to engage in work or exert effort. From a psychological perspective, what may appear as laziness can often be linked to underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, stress, or even a mismatch between a person's abilities and the task at hand.