Glossary L

Lay referral network refers to an informal network of family and friends who help an individual interpret and treat a disorder before the individual seeks formal medical treatment .
Lay-referral system refer to non-professionals such as family , friends, and neighbors who patients rely on to help cope with illness symptoms instead of seeking biomedical treatment .

Lazaretto refers to a hospital treating contagious diseases; a building or ship used as a quarantine station. Usually it refers a storage space between the decks of a ship. Lazaretto is also spelled Lazaret or Lazarette.

Richard Lazarus devised the first psychological model of stress. Lazarus saw stress as the imbalance between the demands placed on the individual and that individual’s resources to cope.

Lazy eye (amblyopia) refers to reduced vision resulting from disuse of one eye, often associated with failure of the two (2) eyes to point in the same direction

LDL cholesterol is a form of low-density lipoprotein responsible for the transport of plasma cholesterol. High levels of LDL cholesterol are indicative of a high risk of coronary heart disease.

Lea’s Shield refers to reusable silicone barrier vaginal contraceptive that contains a one-way valve.

Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire refers to a test used to measure perceptions of a leader’s style by his/her subordinates.

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