Glossary L

LDL cholesterol is a form of low-density lipoprotein responsible for the transport of plasma cholesterol. High levels of LDL cholesterol are indicative of a high risk of coronary heart disease.

Lea’s Shield refers to reusable silicone barrier vaginal contraceptive that contains a one-way valve.

Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire refers to a test used to measure perceptions of a leader’s style by his/her subordinates.
Leader emergence refers to a part of Trait theory that postulates that certain types of people will become leaders and certain types will not.
Leader Match is a training program that teaches leaders how to change situations to match their leadership styles.

Leader performance refers to a part of trait theory that postulates that certain types of people will be better leaders than will other types of people.

Leader position power is the variable in Fiedler’s Contingency model that refers to the extent to which a leader, by the nature of his/her position, has the power to reward and punish subordinates.

Leader–member exchange theory refers to a leadership theory that focuses on the interaction between leaders and subordinates.