Glossary L

Local enhancement refers to a form of social learning occurring when an individual notices activity at a particular location, moves to that location, and, in a process of trial and error , discovers a useful behavior .
Local fatigue is fatigue of one part of the body, such as the wrist, resulting from stress to that area.

Local neuron refers to a small neuron with no axon or a very short one

Local norms refer to nNorms that are confined to pupils in a specific school district.

Local structure/Microstructure is defined as the local coherence relationships in discourse.

Localization of function refers to the research strategy of linking specific structures in the brain with specific psychological or behavioral functions. Localization of function, moreover refers to the specific areas of the brain that control specific skills or behaviors . It is the “mapping ” of brain areas to different cognitive or motor functions; identifying which neural regions control or are active when different activities take place; the idea that certain portions of the brain are responsible for specific functions or behaviors.
Localization theory assigns specific functions to particular places in the cerebral cortex .

localized amnesia refers to memory loss limited to specific times and events, particularly traumatic events . localized amnesia is also known as Selective Amnesia.

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