Glossary L

Logical positivism refers to the philosophy of science according to which theoretical concepts are admissible if they are tied to the observable world through operational definitions .

Logistic regression is the statistical analysis that predicts the probability of the occurrence of an event.
Logogen refers to the structure in the internal lexicon that specifies the various attributes, semantic, orthographic, and so on, of a word.
Logography is an Orthography in which spoken words are represented by visual symbols.

Logotherapy refers to a type of Existential therapy that focuses on challenging clients to search for meaning in their lives. Logotherapy is associated with the techniques of attitude modulation, dereflection , and paradoxical intention. Logotherapy which literally means "the therapy of meaning" is a widely known form of Existential therapy developed by Victor Frankl that encourages the client (a) to find meaning in what appears to be a callous, uncaring, and meaningless world and (b) to develop a sense of responsibility for his/her life.

Lollygag also spelled Lallygag means to fool around, waste time, or spend time lazily.

Loneliness is defined as feelings of desperation, boredom, self -deprecation, and depression experienced when individuals feel their personal relationships are too few or too unsatisfying. It is a distressing emotional state caused by a lack of meaningful interpersonal relationships. Loneliness, moreover; is an emotional state that occurs when a person has fewer interpersonal relationships than desired or when these relationships are not as satisfying as desired; the painful feeling of wanting more human contact or connection than what one has

Long-term care or LTC refer to to the range of medical and/or social services designed to help people who have chronic care needs or disabilities ; services may be provided in a person's home, in the community , or in residential facilities.

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