Glossary L

Locus is defined as information that indicates whether the cause of the success or failure is internal or external

Locus ceruleus is the area of the brain stem that plays a part in the emergency response and may be involved in panic attacks. Locus ceruleus is located below the wall of the fourth ventricle, it has been implicated as an important norepinephrine pathway; small hindbrain structure whose widespread axons send bursts of norepinephrine in response to meaningful stimuli

Locus of control refers to the extent to which people perceive outcomes as internally controllable by their own efforts and actions or as externally controlled by chance or outside forces.

Locutionary act is a term in speech act theory that refers to the act of saying something.
Logical connectives are symbols used in logic arguments to form compound propositions.
Logical consequences refer to reasonable consequences that are defined by parents.

Logical error is the use of invalid or irrelevant assessment information to judge a pupil's status or performance.

Logical love refers to the type in which one selects a companion with the "right qualities" and who may have compatible interests and similar education and religion. Logical love is also characterized as the decision to seek a harmonious personality and common values and goals.

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