Glossary L

Living donor is defined as an individual who donates replaceable materials , one of a pair of twinned organs, such as the kidney, or a portion of certain organs for transplantation, research, or educational purposes

Living will refers to a will prepared by a person with a terminal illness , requesting that extraordinary life-sustaining procedures not be used in the event that the person's ability to make this decision is lost. Living will, moreover is a document instructing physicians, relatives, or others to refrain from the use of extraordinary measures, such as life support equipment, to prolong one's life in the event of a terminal illness.

Living-dead refers to a view found in some African thought according to which the human community consists of both the living and the living-dead or those individuals who are no longer living here, but are living in some different part of the world; as ancestors they continue to have concerns for the well-being of their descendants
LMC is the abbreviations of Language-making capacity which refers to a hypothesized set of specialized linguistic processing skills that enable children to analyze speech and to detect phonological, semantic, and syntactical relationships.

- LMX (Leader–member exchange theory) : LMX or Leader–member exchange theory is a dyadic, relational approach to leadership assuming that leaders develop exchange relationships with each of their subordinates, and that the quality of these Leader–member exchange theory (LMX) relationships influences subordinates’ responsibility, decision influence, access to resources, and performance.
Lobes divide the cerebral hemispheres and cortex into four (4) parts

Lobes of the cerebral cortex are areas on the cortex bordered by major fissures or defined by their functions .

Local anesthetic refers to a drug that attaches to the sodium channels of the membrane, preventing sodium ions from entering and thereby blocking action potentials. Moreover, Local anesthetic refers to a method that reduces pain in an area of the body.

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