Glossary L

Localized Amnesia is defined as memory loss limited to specific times and events, particularly traumatic events. Moreover, Localized amnesia refers to the inability to remember all events that occurred in a specific time period. Localized Amnesia is also known as Selective Amnesia.

Location column is defined as a column in the visual cortex that contains neurons with the same receptive field locations on the retina.

Location cue is a term in hearing that refers to characteristics of the sound reaching the listener that provide information regarding the location of a sound source.

Location memory . Please see Object and Location memory.

Location of death is defined as the physical place in which death occurs, for example, in a home or public institution (hospital, home for the aged, etc)

Lock and key theory of olfaction a theory that holds that odors are related to the shapes of chemical molecules.

Loco means insane and also defined as a crazy person. Loco also refers to Locoweed which refers to any of various poisonous, leguminous plants

Locomote is defined as the ability to move around in the world; movement from one place to another.

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