Glossary M

Massage parlor refers to a place where not only massage services are offered, but also sexual services, can generally be purchased. Not all massage parlors though offer sexual services, nowadays, many massage parlors only offer legitimate massage services, like shiatu, thai massage, swedish massage, etc.

Massed practice refers to the practice schedule in which studying continues for long periods, without interruption ; learning in which sessions are crammed together in a very short space of time; concentrating learning into a short period of time.

Mast cell is defined as connective tissue cell that releases histamine and other chemicals in response to certain stimuli, as in injury
Mastectomy is defined as the surgical removal of a breast.

Master's degree is defined as an advanced degree taken after the Bachelor's dgree often obtainable after two (2) years of graduate work. Individuals with master's-level training in Clinical psychology work in a variety of service-delivery settings, but may be less likely to gain professional independence than individuals with Doctoral degrees.
Mastery is defined as the acquisition of a high level of knowledge or skill. One goal of psychotherapy may be for the patient to develop competence /mastery in a particular area. Mastery is also the extent to which one regards one’s life chances as being under one’s own control .

Mastery motivation refers to the inborn motive to explore, understand, and control one’s environment.
Mastery orientation refers to a tendency to persist at challenging tasks because of a belief that one has high ability and/or that earlier failures can be overcome by trying harder.

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