Glossary M

Myotome is defined as a muscle or group of muscles supplied by a specific spinal nerve.

Myotonia is a term in the sexual response cycle that refers to a muscular tension in the body, which culminates in contractions during orgasm. Moreover, Myotonia is the involuntary contractions of the muscles.

Myotonia congenital refers to a nonprogressive muscle disorder that develops from infancy to childhood.

Myotonic dystrophy refers to a slowly progressing disease that onsets anytime from childhood through middle age.

Mystery, in the context of psychology, refers to the experience of uncertainty or the unknown. It is often associated with a sense of intrigue, curiosity, and a desire for exploration and discovery. The experience of mystery can be both positive and negative, and can be related to a wide range of psychological phenomena.

Mystery religions refers to ancient religions/cults which were characterized by secret rites of initiation; ceremonies designed to bring initiates closer to a deity or deities, to symbolize death and rebirth, to offer purification and forgiveness of sins, and to cause the exaltation of a new life; the confession of sin; and a strong feeling of community among members.

Mystery Shoppers refers to undercover agents posing as shoppers to detect theft

Myuoclonus is defined as an unintentional twitching or tightening of a muscle

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