Glossary N

Negligent hiring is an organization’s failure to meet its legal duty to protect its employees and customers from potential harm caused by its employees.

Negligent reference refers to an organization’s failure to meet its legal duty to supply relevant information to a prospective employer about a former employee’s potential for legal trouble.

Negotiation is defined as a form of communication between opposing sides in a conflict in which offers and counter offers are made and a solution occurs only when it is agreed on by both parties; the process by which two (2) or more interdependent parties attempt to resolve conflicting preferences.

- Negotiation and bargaining : Negotiation and bargaining is defined as a method of resolving conflict in which two (2) sides use verbal skill and strategy to reach an agreement.

- Neo-dissociation theory : Neo-dissociation Theory refers to Hilgard's theory, according to which one part of the body is separated off from other parts in t

Neo-Freudian refers to a Psychologist who accepts the broad features of Freud's theory but has revised the theory to fit his/her her own concepts.

Neo-nativism refers to the idea that much cognitive knowledge, such as object concept, is innate, requiring little in the way of specific experiences to be expressed, and that there are biological constraints, in that the mind/brain is designed to process certain types of information in certain ways.

Neobehaviorism refers to a brand of behaviorism that utilizes intervening variables, in the form of hypothesized physiological processes, to help explain behavior. Neobehaviorism agreed with older forms of Behaviorism that overt behavior should be Psychology's subject matter but disagreed that theoretical speculation concerning abstract entities must be avoided. Such speculation was accepted provided that the theoretical terms employed are operationally defined and lead to testable predictions about overt behavior.

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