Glossary N

Neoplastic it is characterized by new, abnormal growth of cells.

Neoplatonism refers to the philosophy that emphasized the most mystical aspects of Plato's philosophy. Transcendental experiences were considered the most significant type of human experience.

NEOTWY is an acronym formed by using the last letter of when (N), where (E) who (O) , what (T), how (W) and why (Y)

Nepesh is a Hebrew word for "soul" that implies an inextricable involvement with a body, such that when the body dies the Nepesh (soul) also ceases to exist
Nerve refers to a bundle of fibres that uses electrical and chemical signals to transmit motor and sensory information from one body part to another.

- Nerve deafness: Nerve deafness (Inner-ear deafness) is defined as hearing loss that results from damage to the cochlea, the hair cells, or the auditory nerve

- Nerve growth factor: Nerve growth factor (NGF) is the protein that promotes the survival and growth of axons in the sympathetic nervous system and certain axons in the brain
Nervism refers to the philosophical position adopted by Pavlov that all behavioral and physiological processes are regulated by the nervous system.

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