Glossary N

Nervous system refers to the sensory and control apparatus consisting of a network of nerve cells. It is the entire nerve apparatus composed of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and ganglia .

Net efficiency is defined as the mathematical ratio of work output divided by the energy expended above rest.

Netizens are Net Citizens who utilize the Net/Internet from their home, workplace, school, library, etc. These people are among those who populate the Net, and make it a resource of human beings. These Netizens participate to help make the Net both an intellectual and a social resource

Network refers to a set of interconnected individuals or groups; more generally, any set of social or non-social objects that are linked by relational ties.
Network measures refers to the earliest research looked at a person’s networks, asking whether the person was married or not or asking how many people the person saw on a weekly basis. The measurement of networks also varied.
Network model is defined as a model of memory that views it as an organized system of linked information.
Network of trade and exchange refers to the exchange of money for goods and services
Networks is defined as a web of relationships, as in, category membership, attribution, etc. Between nodes

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