Glossary N

Neural that which is related to the nervous system ; of the nervous system.

Neural circuit is defined as interconnected neurons that fire together when presented with a particular stimulus or when accomplishing a particular task. Moreover, Neural circuits is a number of neurons that are connected by synapses

Neural convergence means synapsing of a number of neurons into one neuron.
Neural correlate of consciousness (NCC) refer to connections between the firing of neurons and perceptual experience.

Neural Darwinism is a principle that, in the development of the nervous system , synapses form haphazardly at first, and then a selection process keeps some and rejects others. Neural Darwinism is Edelman's theory that groups of neurons are in constant competition with one another, each attempting to recruit adjacent neurons to their group and thus perform a particular function.

Neural Gerbage Collection refers to a theory that dreaming is used to discharge unwanted information from one's memory

Neural network refers to a system of input, hidden, and output units that is capable of learning if the mathematical weights among the units are systematically modified either according to Hebb's rule or by back-propagation. Please see also Hebb's rule, Connectionism. And Back-propagation systems
Neural plasticity refers to the malleable nature of the brain, evidenced throughout the course of Development (use-dependent).

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