Glossary N

Negative Oedipus complex is the opposite of the Freud's Oedipus complex - wherein the child loves and sexually desires the parent of the same gender and identifies with the parent of the other gender.

Negative prediction means believing that something bad is going to happen even though there is no evidence to support this prediction.
Negative punishment refers to the removal of a stimulus - the one that is often considered pleasant or rewarding following a response, which then leads to a decrease in the future strength of that response.

Negative reinforcement refers to the removal of aversive conditions when certain behaviors are performed.

Negative reinforcement trap means unwittingly reinforcing a behavior you want to discourage

Negative reinforcer refers to any event that, when terminated or prevented by a behavior, increases the rate of that behavior.

Negative reinforcing stimulus refers to a stimulus that, when removed, increases the likelihood of the response that removed it

Negative relationship is a term used In a Correlational study, when there is a tendency for two (2) variables to change in opposite directions.

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