Glossary O

Orgone refers to the physical force that powers all physiological and psychological functions which is developed by Wilhelm Reich.
Orientation refers to a person's awareness of time, place, and identity.

Orientation column is the column in the visual cortex that contains neurons with the same orientation preference.

Orientation response refer to odily changes that prepare an organism to receive information from a particular stimulus.

Orientation to time is the awareness of temporal specification, such as time of day, day of the week, or year. Orientation to time is one of the functions assessed in a psychiatric mental status examination
Orientation tuning curve refers to a function relating the firing rate of a neuron to the orientation of the stimulus.
Orienting response refers to the automatic positioning of oneself to facilitate attending to a stimulus; an individual views a strong or unfamiliar stimulus, and changes in heart rate and brain-wave activity occur.
Origin is defined as the proximal attachment or point of attachment of a muscle closest to the midline or center of the body, generally considered the least movable part.

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