Glossary O

Organizational-fit questions is a type of structured-interview question that taps how well an applicant’s personality and values will fit with the organizational culture .
Organized Crime refers to the unlawful activities of the members of a highly organized, disciplined Association engaged in supplying illegal goods and services, which includes but not limi

Organizing effect refers to long-lasting effect of a hormone that is present during a sensitive period early in development

Orgasm refers to the stage of sexual response characterized by ejaculation in males and involuntary muscular contractions followed by relaxation in both males and females

Orgasmic difficulties refer to sexual disorders characterized by an ability to experience sexual arousal but persistent problems in achieving orgasm .
Orgasmic disorder is defined as a delay or absence of orgasm following a normal phase of sexual excitement.
Orgasmic platform refers to the thickening of the walls of the lower third of the vagina.

Orgasmic reconditioning refers to learning procedure to help clients (patients) strengthen appropriate patterns of sexual arousal by pairing appropriate stimuli with the pleasurable sensations of masturbation. It is a sex therapy technique in which a person switches fantasies just at the moment of masturbatory orgasm to try to condition himself or herself to become excited by more conventional fantasies.

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