Glossary P

Purposeful distortion is when the subjects "purposely" give false information in a survey which may "distort" the results.

Purposive behavior refers to the behavior that is directed toward some goal and that terminates when the goal is attained.
Purposive behaviorism is a type of Behaviorism Tolman pursued, which emphasizes molar rather than molecular behavior.
Putamen is the structure of the basal ganglia . Also, Putamen refers to a large subcortical structure, one part of the basal

Puzzle box refers to the experimental chamber Thorndike used for systematically studying animal behavior.

Pygmalion effect refers to the idea that if people believe that something is true, they will act in a manner consistent with that belief . Pygmalion effect is also a self -fulfilling pr

Pylorospasm is the shutting of the pylorus valve that occurs in some people when they drink very large quantities of alcohol

Pyramidal cells is a specific type of neuron that is found in all areas of the cerebral cortex. These cells have bodies that are pyramidal or conical in shape.

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