Glossary P

Pupil is the opening in the center of the iris through which light enters; opening at the eye through which light passes.

Pure autonomic failure refers to a condition in which output from the autonomic nervous system to the body fails
Pure insertion is the assumption that a mental module can be added or deleted without altering the processing duration of other modules

Pure Phenomenology refers to the type of Phenomenology proposed by Husserl, the purpose of which was to create a taxonomy of the mind. Husserl believed that before a science of Psychology would be possible, we would first need to understand the essences of those mental processes in terms of which we understand and respond to the world. Pure Phenomenology is likewise, the methodology proposed by Husserl to discover the essence of those mental acts and processes by which we gain all knowledge.

Pure research is a research undertaken simply for the sake of advancing scientific knowledge.

Pure tone is a tone with pressure changes that can be described by a single sine wave.
Pure word deafness refers to an Aphasia in which a person is unable to comprehend language in the auditory modality. Comprehension of visual language and production in both modalities are normal.
Purge means to eliminate food through unnatural methods , such as vomiting or the excessive use of laxatives.

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