Glossary P

Pubococcygeus muscle refers to a muscle that surrounds and supports the vagina.

Puella aeterna refers to a woman who may have difficulty accepting the responsibilities of adulthood and is likely to be still attached to her father.

Puer aeternus refers to a man who may have difficulty growing out of adolescence and becoming more responsible.

Punctuated equilibrium model refers to a group development theory that assumes groups change gradually over time but that the periods of slow growth are punctuated by brief periods of relatively rapid change.

Punctuation is the concept that each person in a transaction believes what he/she says is caused by what the other person says. Basically the individual holds the other responsible for his/her reactions.
Punisher refers to a stimulus that decreases the probability of the response that produces it.

Punishment is when an aversive consequence follows a behaviour and therefore decreases the probability of that behaviour occurring again.

Punitiveness refers to the belief that people should be harshly punished for their mistakes or shortcomings.

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