Glossary R

Representativeness refers to the extent to which a sample adequately reflects the characteristics of the population from which it is drawn.

Repression refers to the blocking of unacceptable impulses from consciousness.

Reproductive readiness refers to pubertal development resulting in full growth of genitalia and onset of fertility

Deutsch: Anfrage / Español: Solicitud / Português: Pedido / Français: Demande / Italiano: Richiesta

In psychology, a request refers to the act of asking for something, typically involving communication directed at another person to obtain a specific response or action. This concept is significant in various psychological studies, particularly in the areas of social interaction, communication, and behavior modification.

A request is a communicative act in which a person attempts to influence the behavior of another - for example, a child pointing at a milk bottle in order to be given some. Requests may occur in words or gestures.

Deutsch: Forschung / Español: Investigación / Português: Pesquisa / Français: Recherche / Italiano: Ricerca /

Research is generally referred to as a systematic way of finding answers to questions. It is a method of inquiry that follows certain rules.

Research Designs refer to the strategies used to examine questions of interest.

In the psychology context, the term reservoir doesn't have a widely recognized or specific definition directly analogous to its common use in describing a large natural or artificial lake used for water storage. However, if we consider broader psychological theories and applications, the concept of a "reservoir" could metaphorically apply to various aspects within psychology, such as: