Glossary R

Risk factor refers to a variable that precedes a negative outcome of interest and increases the chances that the outcome will occur.

Risk taking behaviours are behaviours in which there is some risk of immediate or later Self harm. Risk-taking behaviours might include activities such as dangerous driving, train surfing, a

Ritalin refers to Methylphenidate which is Stimulant medication most commonly used in treating children with attention -deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Robert J. Sternberg is a Cognitive Psychologist who is well-known for his Triarchic Theory of Intelligence. Robert J. Sternberg was born 1949 in New Jersey.

- Rollo May (1909 - 1994) : Rollo May is a Psychologist who was instrumental in bringing European Existential philosophy and psychology to the United States.

Romantic in the Psychology Context: Understanding Love, Attraction, and Relationships

In the field of psychology, "romantic" pertains to the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of romantic love, attraction, and intimate relationships. This multifaceted concept encompasses feelings of affection, passion, and desire, as well as the behaviors and attitudes associated with romantic involvement. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the concept of "romantic" in psychology, provide numerous examples of its applications, offer recommendations for understanding and nurturing romantic relationships, discuss treatment and healing approaches related to romantic issues, and list some related concepts within the field of psychology.

- Romantic love (Passionate love) : Romantic love (Passionate love ) is defined as strong feelings of longing, desire , and excitement toward a special person; the kind of love that involves strong and intense feelings, infatuation, arousal, and a deep sense of passion

Rooting reflex refer to the babies or infants response in turning towards the source of touch that occurs anywhere around his/her mouth

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