Glossary S

In psychology, a stimulus is any type of input that can be detected by one or more of the senses. Stimuli can be external, meaning that they come from the environment, or internal, meaning that they come from within the individual's own body.

Stimulus discrimination refers to differentiation between two (2) stimuli that possess similar but essentially different characteristics.

Stimulus drives refer to kind of drives based on needs for exploration, manipulation , curiosity, and stimulation.

Stimulus generalization refers to the process of learning to respond in the same way to stimuli that share common properties.

Stimulus material refers to material of a visual, verbal and/or auditory nature used to communicate certain ideas to enable them to be researched, or to stimulate discussion of relevant topics.

Stoic refers to a person who is or appears to be indifferent to pleasure or pain; unaffected by emotions . As an adjective, Stoic means unaffected by pleasure or pain.

Stool pigeon refers to a person who works as a decoy or informer, especially for the police. Moreover, Stool pigeon refers to a pigeon used as a decoy.

Stop-Start Procedure refers to a method of treatment for premature ejaculation in which the man or his partner stimulates him to sexual excitement, and, as he approaches the point of orgasmic inevitability, stimulation is stopped. This procedure is repeated over time which can result to the man's development of greater control over his orgasmic response.

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