Glossary T

The Stephen Ministry refers to a Christian, transdenominational program that provides leadership training and support for helpers who provide direct, one-to-one care to troubled individuals

The Stop Technique refers to a technique which is generally used as a therapeutical technique for the control of obsessive thinking.

The Third Degree refers to the use of brutality during interrogations

Thema is a combination of press (the environment) and need (the personality ) that brings order to our behavior .

Thematic Apperception Test refers to an exercise originating in psychotherapy, designed to allow the subject to project hidden feelings or associations onto a neutral object or scene.

Thematic groupings refers to the Step 2 of the inverted pyramid method of case conceptualization . Requires organizing all identified client problem and symptoms into intuitive-logical groupings or constellations. Four (4) types of intuitive-logical judgment may be applied: descriptive-diagnosis , clinical targets, areas of dysfunction , or intrapsychic .

Thematic roles are ways in which items can be used in the context of communication

Theophylline refers to a drug used as a smooth muscle relaxant in the treatment of asthma .

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