Glossary T

The Harvard criteria refer to tests developed by a committee at the Harvard Medical School to determine the existence of irreversible coma

The Holocaust refers to the the attempt by the Nazis during the late 1930s and early 1940s to completely destroy or annihilate the Jewish people

The living-dying interval refers to the period between the onset of dying and the arrival of death; described by Pattison as including an (1) acute crisis phase; (2) chronicliving-dying phase; and (3)“terminal phase

The nuclear era refers to the period from July 1945 to the present during which the splitting of the atom unleashed a new form of power that can be used for weapons or as a source of energy

The Question means asking “what would be different if you were well?” It was a means Adler used to determine if a person’s problem was physiological or psychological.

The sandwich generation refer to adults who experience pressures from both older and younger generations
The Stephen Ministry refers to a Christian, transdenominational program that provides leadership training and support for helpers who provide direct, one-to-one care to troubled individuals

The Stop Technique refers to a technique which is generally used as a therapeutical technique for the control of obsessive thinking.

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