Glossary T

Testosterone refers to the main hormone associated with sexual ­desire in males.

Testwise skills are the test taker's ability to identify flaws in test questions that give away the correct answers;

Tetanus (or lockjaw) is an infection causing the highest tension developed by a muscle in response to a high frequency of stimulation.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the principal psychoactive compound of cannabis and one of at least 113 total cannabinoids identified on the plant.

Text-to-speech software refer to computer software programs that reads the text of a document aloud to the user. Examples of common Text-to-speech software programs are WYNN reader and Kurzweil 1000 and 3000.

Deutsch: Textur / Español: Textura / Português: Textura / Français: Texture / Italiano: Trama

Texture in the psychology context refers to the perceived surface quality of objects that influences our sensory and emotional experiences. It involves both the tactile (physical touch) and visual (sight) characteristics that contribute to how an object feels and looks. Texture can significantly impact our perceptions, emotions, and behaviours.

TFT is the abbreviations of tit for TAT that refers to a Bargaining strategy that begins with cooperation, but then imitates the other person"s choice so that cooperation is met with

Deutsch: Thalamus / Español: tálamo / Português: tálamo / Français: thalamus / Italiano: talamo

Thalamus is a vital structure in the brain that acts as a central hub for processing and relaying sensory and motor signals to the cerebral cortex, and is also crucial in the regulation of consciousness, sleep, and alertness.