Glossary T

Deutsch: Tendenz

In general Tendency is a movement or appearance to a typical value for a probability distribution. In medicine, there is a sickness called bleeding tendency.

Tenderfoot refers to a newcomer or a beginner at something and a person who is not used to hardships.

Tendon in the psychology context refers to a metaphorical concept rather than its anatomical definition. In psychology, a "tendon" is used symbolically to represent the strength or resilience of an individual's mental and emotional state. It signifies a person's capacity to endure stress, overcome challenges, and maintain their psychological well-being.

Tendonitis refers to the inflammation of the tendons, which connect muscles to bones in some parts of the body, may result in a condition known as tendonitis.

Tension headache refers to pain produced by sustained muscle contractions in the neck, shoulders, scalp, and face, as well as by activity in the central nervous system.

Terminal in the psychology context refers to a point at which a process or condition has reached its final stage or outcome, often with no possibility of further change or improvement. It can pertain to various aspects of psychological well-being and mental health, and understanding the concept of terminality is essential for both professionals and individuals seeking to address psychological issues.

Termination refers to the process of ending and completing therapy. Typically, Termination includes a review of the gains accomplished by the client, some reminiscing of the progression of t

Territorial Aggression (defence of a fixed space against intruders) is a kind of aggression which refers to the threat or attack behavior displayed towards an invasion of ones territory or the submissive-retreat behavior displayed when confronted while intruding.