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Temporal summation refers to cumulative effect as a result of repeated synaptic stimulation within a brief time. Temporal summation also refers to a change in the membrane potential produced by the addition of two (2) or more inputs, occurring at different times, that is, inputs are added together to produce a potential change that is greater than that caused by a single input.

Temporary is an adjective which means "not permanent".

Temporize also spelled Temporise means to delay (an action ) so as to gain time or to avoid making a decision.

In psychology, "tenacity" refers to the quality or trait of being persistent, determined, and resilient in the pursuit of goals, despite facing obstacles, setbacks, or challenges. It represents an individual's ability to maintain motivation and drive in the face of adversity. Tenacity is a crucial factor in achieving personal and professional success and is closely related to concepts like perseverance and grit. In this article, we will explore the concept of tenacity in psychology, provide examples, discuss potential risks and application areas, offer recommendations for developing and nurturing tenacity, and briefly touch upon historical and legal perspectives. Finally, we will list some similar psychological concepts related to determination and resilience.

Tend-and-Befriend response refers to an interpersonal response to stressful events characterized by increased nurturing, protective, and supportive behaviors (tending) and by seeking out connections to other people (befriending).

Deutsch: Tendenz

In general Tendency is a movement or appearance to a typical value for a probability distribution. In medicine, there is a sickness called bleeding tendency.

Tenderfoot refers to a newcomer or a beginner at something and a person who is not used to hardships.

Tendon in the psychology context refers to a metaphorical concept rather than its anatomical definition. In psychology, a "tendon" is used symbolically to represent the strength or resilience of an individual's mental and emotional state. It signifies a person's capacity to endure stress, overcome challenges, and maintain their psychological well-being.

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