Glossary T

Theory of natural selection refers to the idea that genetically based characteristics that enhance an animal’s ability to survive, and therefore reproduce, will be passed on to future generations.
Theory of planned behavior is a theory to explain how intentions predict behaviors

- Theory of reasoned action : Theory of reasoned action refers to a theory holding that the best predictors of a person's planned, deliberate behaviors are that person's attitudes toward specific behaviors and his or her subjective norms

Theory of signal detection posits that sensory impressions and decision processes together determine the detection of signals

Theory of unconscious inference refesr to the idea proposed by Helmholtz that some of our perceptions are the result of unconscious assumptions that we make about the environment.

Theory theories refer to theories of cognitive development that combine neo-nativism and constructivism , proposing that cognitive development progresses by children generating, testing, and changing theories about the physical and social world.

Theory theory refers to the theory that the developing child constructs his or her understanding of the world on the basis of experience, much as scientists construct theories of the world on the basis of data.

Theory X leaders refer to leaders who believe that employees are extrinsically motivated and thus lead by giving directives and setting goals .

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