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Deutsch: Telepsychologie / Español: Telepsicología / Português: Telepsicologia / Français: Télépsychologie / Italiano: Telepsicologia

In the psychology context, telepsychology refers to the practice of providing psychological services using telecommunications technologies, such as video conferencing, phone calls, email, and messaging apps. This approach allows psychologists to offer therapy, counseling, assessment, and consultation services to clients who may not be able to access traditional in-person sessions due to geographical, physical, or time constraints.

Temperament refers to genetically influenced behavioral type; similar to a trait, but more suited to a categorical approach and more explicitly biological.

Deutsch: Temperamentsmerkmal / Español: Rasgo de Temperamento / Português: Traço de Temperamento / Français: Trait de Tempérament / Italiano: Tratto del Temperamento

Temperament trait in the psychology context refers to the basic, innate aspects of an individual's personality that are evident from early childhood and remain relatively stable throughout life. These traits are the foundational elements of personality and influence how individuals react to their environment, regulate their emotions, and interact with others. Temperament traits include a variety of dimensions, such as activity level, emotional reactivity, sociability, and regulatory capacity. Researchers believe that these traits are largely biologically based, shaped by genetic, neurobiological, and evolutionary factors, although they are also influenced by an individual's interactions with their environment.

The term "temperature" is usually not used to refer to physical temperature, but it can be used in some contexts to refer to the emotional state of an individual, or the emotional tone of an environment.

Deutsch: Vorlage / Español: Plantilla / Português: Modelo / Français: Modèle / Italian: Modello

Template in psychology refers to a pre-existing mental framework or pattern that individuals use to organize and interpret information and experiences. These templates, also known as mental schemas or cognitive schemas, help in understanding the world and making predictions about future events based on past experiences. With other words a template is a stored pattern or model to which incoming information is matched in order to be recognized and classified.

Temple prostitutes refer to women in ancient cultures who would have sex with worshippers at pagan temples to provide money for the temple or as a form of worshipping the gods.

Temporal coding refers to the connection between the frequency of a sound stimulus and the timing of the auditory nerve fiber firing.

Temporal conditioning refers to a form of classical conditioning in which the CS is the passage of time.

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