Glossary T

In the context of psychology, territory refers to the concept of an area or space that an individual or group claims and defends against others. It is often studied within environmental psychology and social psychology, exploring how humans and animals use space to establish control, maintain privacy, and express identity.

A specific geographic area that individuals or groups of individuals claim, mark, and defend against intrusion by others.

Test refers to a task or set of tasks given under standard conditions with the purpose of assessing some aspect of the subject’s (that is the client/patient) knowledge, skill, personality, or condition.

A Test battery is a group of subtests, each assessing a different subject area but all normed on the same sample; designed to be administered to the same group of test takers.

Test-retest reliability refers to a method for testing whether self -reports are reliable or accurate; participants are interviewed (or given a questionnaire) and then interviewed a second time sometime later to determine whether their answers are the same both time. Moreover, Test-retest reliability refers to the extent to which repeated administration of the same test will achieve similar results; the extent to which an individual makes similar responses to the same test stimuli on repeated occasions. The type of reliability established by comparing the scores obtained from two (2) successive measurements of the same individuals and calculating a correlation between the two (2) sets of scores.

testability refers to the ability of a hypothesis, for example, to be subjected to scientific scrutiny and to be accepted or rejected, a necessary condition for the hypothesis to be useful.

Deutsch: Zeugenaussage / Español: testimonio / Português: testemunho / Français: témoignage / Italiano: testimonianza

The testimony is the information provided to the court by a witness.

In the context of psychology, testimony refers to the account a person gives of their experiences or the information they convey, particularly in legal settings. This concept is often studied in the fields of forensic psychology and cognitive psychology, focusing on how memories and perceptions affect the reliability of eyewitness accounts.

Testosterone refers to the main hormone associated with sexual ­desire in males.

Testwise skills are the test taker's ability to identify flaws in test questions that give away the correct answers;