Glossary W

What-is-scarce-is-valuable Technique refers to a a strategy to increase the attractiveness of a product by making it appear rare or temporary

White elephant is a term used referring to a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of; a possession entailing great expense out of proportion to its usefulness or value to the owner.
White knight syndrome refers to the human feeling that they need to rescue others. It is a common concern of beginning Counselors, those who just started their career as Counselors always feel that they need to rescue their clients, like a "knight in shining armor"
White matter refers to the area of the nervous system consisting mostly or mostly made of myelinated axons, such as neuronal tracts and pathways, which are characteristically white in appearance.

White-collar crime refers to a sociological concept encompassing any violation of the law committed by a person or group of persons in the course of an otherwise respected and legitimate occupation or business enterprise.

White-knuckle is an adjective which means characterized by extreme nervousness or fear. White-knuckle is a term derived from the appearance of blood-drained fists, clenched tightly around something, such as a fairground ride.

White’s illusion refers to a display in which two (2) rectangles are perceived as differing in lightness even though they both reflect the same amount of light and even though the rectangle that is perceived as lighter receives more lateral inhibition than the one perceived as darker.

Whole object bias refers to a cognitive constraint in which children assume that a word refers to an entire object, not a part of it.

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