Glossary W

Whorfian hypothesis of linguistic relativity refers to the idea that language constrains thought and perception, so that cultural differences in cognition could be explained at least partially by differences in language.

Why question refers to a type of information gathering technique in which a "Why" question is asked with the intent to have the client/patient delve deeply into self. However, with "Why questions", clients/patients usually feel defensive which should generally be avoided.
Wickersham Report refers to the first national study of the United States Criminal Justice System
Wide Range Achievement Test refers to a Screening test that can be administered to determine if a more comprehensive Achievement test is needed. Achievement tests refer to skills that

Widow-to-Widow programs refer to mutual help programs in which those who have previously been bereaved (peers) assist newly bereaved persons on a one-to-one basis
Widowhood refers to the period of time between loss of spouse and remarriage.

Wifty an adjective which means eccentric, silly, scatterbrained.

Wiki refers to a collection of web pages in which users can create web pages on a topic and readers can freely edit those pages.

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