Glossary A

Audibility curve refers to a curve that indicates the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at threshold for frequencies across the audible spectrum
Audience refer to people present during the enactment who observe the psychodrama. They may be involved at some point as protagonists or auxiliaries. Audience is a gathering of onlookers who observe some performance, event, or activity; audiences tend to be conventional in behavior , and they disperse when the event they are watching concludes.
Audience effects refers to the impact of passive spectators on performance.

Audience inhibition means failure to help infront of others for fear of feeling like a fool if one’s offer of help is rejected

Audiologist refers to a professional who specializes in the identification, testing, habilitation and rehabilitation of hearing loss and hearing related disorders .

Audiovisual mirror neuron refers to a neuron that responds to actions that produce sounds. These neurons respond when a monkey performs a hand action and when it hears the sound assoc

Audiovisual Speech perception refers to a perception of Speech that is affected by both auditory and visual stimulation, as when a person sees a tape of someone saying /ga/ with the

Audition refers to the sensation of hearing; the process of hearing.