Glossary C

Cybercrime refers to a crime committed with the use of computers, or via the manipulation of digital forms of data.

Cyberostracism refers to the exclusion of one or more individuals from a technologically mediated group interaction , such as a computer-based discussion group.

Cyberpsychology is the study of the influence of computers, technology and virtual environments on the psychology of individuals a

Cyberspace refers to the mental environment, when people communicate in a mental environment through a computer terminal.

Cyberstalking refers to the harassment of others through the use of a computer

Cyberterrorism refers to a form of terrorism that makes use of high technology, especially computers and the Internet, in planning and carrying out of terrorist attacks.

Cycle ergometer refers to a stationary exercise cycle that allows accurate measurement of work output.

Cycle-of-violence hypothesis refers to the repetition of patterns of violent Behavior across generations. For example, persons who are abused as children are more likely to be abusive