Glossary I

Idols of the marketplace refers to Bacon's term for error that results when one accepts the traditional meanings of the words used to describe things.

Idols of the theater refers to Bacon's term for the inhibition of objective inquiry that results when one accepts dogma, tradition, or authority.

Idols of the tribe refers to Bacon's term for biases that result from humans' natural tendency to view the world selectively.

Ignorance is an organizational climate in which important information is not available.

Ill-defined problem refers to a problem that does not have the goals , starting information, and/or legal steps stated explicitly.

Ill-structured problems are problems that lack well-defined paths to solution

Illeist refers to a person who refers to oneself in the third person.

Illness refers to the presence of a physical or mental disease or impairment ; the experiences associated with disease that ultimately affect the person’s overall state of being and social functioning: