Glossary I

Impaired affective assignment refers to a failure to link the appropriate emotional meaning to both internal and external stimuli. Impaired affective assignment is considered a key deficit of Autism.

Impaired decision-making in the psychology context refers to a diminished ability to make choices that are considered rational and well-thought-out, based on weighing the potential outcomes, benefits, and drawbacks. This impairment can result from a variety of psychological, neurological, or physiological factors and can significantly affect an individual's daily functioning and quality of life.

Deutsch: Beeinträchtigung / Español: Deterioro / Português: Prejuízo / Français: Impotence / Italiano: Danno /

Impairment means physical damage or deterioration. Impairment also refers to any limitation or loss of physiological, psychological or anatomical function on a long-term or permanent basis.

Imperfection in the context of psychology refers to the acknowledgment and acceptance of one's flaws, limitations, and the inherent incompleteness of human beings. It involves recognizing that perfection is an unrealistic and unattainable ideal, and instead, embracing the imperfections that make each individual unique. Understanding and embracing imperfection can have a significant impact on mental well-being, self-esteem, and relationships. In this article, we will explore the concept of imperfection in psychology, provide examples, discuss risks and application areas, offer recommendations for fostering a healthy relationship with imperfection, briefly touch on historical and legal aspects, and conclude with a list of similar psychological concepts.

Impetuous characterized by sudden and forceful energy or emotion ; impulsive and passionate; having or marked by violent force.

Implantation is the step in which the zygote burrows into the uterine wall and establishes connections with a woman’s blood vessels; the burrowing of the blastocyst into the lining of the uterus.
Implementation is the third phase in Super’s Theory of career development, in which individuals actually enter the workforce.

Deutsch: Implizit / Español: Implícito / Português: Implícito / Français: Implicite / Italiano: Implicito /

Implicit may be defined as: 1. Implied or understood though not directly expressed. 2. Contained in the nature of something though not readily apparent.