Glossary I

- Implicit memory tests : Implicit memory tests refer to a "memory tests" that do not require a person to explicitly remember specific experiences but that spontaneously exhibits the effects of those experiences.
Implicit personality theory
a type of schema people use to group various kinds of personality traits together; for example, many people believe that if someone is kind, he or she is generous as well

Implicit priming refers to the phenomenon in which, if "primed" with three-letter word stems, people are more likely to complete the stem with a word they have already seen.
Implicit stereotyping refers to the activation of strong stereotypes that is non-conscious, increasing the likelihood of their influencing behavior.
Implied motion is when a still picture depicts an action that involves motion, so that an observer could potentially extend the action depicted in the picture in his or her mind based on what will most likely happen next.
Implosion therapy refers to a form of therapy that attempts to rid people of fears by arousing them intensely until their responses diminish through habituation and they learn that nothing bad happens.

Implosive therapy refers to a type of prolonged intense exposure therapy in which the client imagines exaggerated scenes that include hypothesized stimuli.

Imposter syndrome refers to the feeling that although humans have gained expertise in a particular area, they still feel as if they are "faking it" or not worthy of what they have accomplished. It is a common concern of beginning Counselors .