Glossary I

Impotence is defined as the inability to have an erection

Impoverished Leadership refers to a style of leadership in which the leader is concerned with neither productivity nor the well-being of employees.
Impression formation refers to the way in which people combine the components of another person’s personality and come up with an integrated perception of them.
Impression management refers to human's conscious or unconscious orchestration of a carefully designed presentation of self so as to create a certain impression that fits our goals or needs in a social interaction . It refers often to conscious efforts to influence the way others think of one.

Impression management theory is an alternative to Dissonance theory, which argues that participants in dissonance experiments want to appear consistent to the experimenter and therefore lie about their attitudes
Impressionable years hypothesis refers to proposition that adolescents and young adults are more easily persuaded than their elders
Impressions is a term according to Hume that refers to the relatively strong mental experiences caused by sensory stimulation. For Hume, Impression is essentially the same thing as what others called Sensation.

Imprinting refers to the process by which some animals exhibit the fixed action pattern (FAP ) of Attachment in response to a releasing stimulus. the FAP occurs during a Critical period and i

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