Glossary J

Jigsaw classroom is defined as a classroom setting designed to reduce prejudice and raise the self -esteem of children by placing them in small, desegregated groups and making each child dependent on the other children in his/her group to learn the course material and do well in the class.

Jigsaw method refers to a team-learning technique developed by Elliot Aronson and his colleagues which involves assigning topics to each student, allowing students with the same topics to study together, and then requiring these students to teach their topics to the other members of their groups .

Jimjams is defined as extreme nervousness; jitters. Likewise, it means delirium tremens: tremors and hallucinations caused by withdrawal from alcohol .

Job analysis is defined as a detailed description of the skills, knowledge, and activities required by a particular job.

Job analysis interview is defined as obtaining information about a job by talking to a person performing it.

Job analyst refers to the person conducting the job analysis.

Job Burnout is defined as the deterioration of one's job performance due to factors such as stress and lack of support.

Job characteristics theory refers to the theory proposed by Hackman and Oldham which suggests that certain characteristics of a job will make the job more or less satisfying, depending on the particular needs of the worker.