Glossary J

Jimjams is defined as extreme nervousness; jitters. Likewise, it means delirium tremens: tremors and hallucinations caused by withdrawal from alcohol .
Job analysis is defined as a detailed description of the skills, knowledge, and activities required by a particular job.

Job analysis interview is defined as obtaining information about a job by talking to a person performing it.

Job analyst refers to the person conducting the job analysis.

Job Burnout is defined as the deterioration of one's job performance due to factors such as stress and lack of support.
Job characteristics theory refers to the theory proposed by Hackman and Oldham which suggests that certain characteristics of a job will make the job more or less satisfying, depending on the particular needs of the worker.

Job Choice Exercise is an objective test used to measure various need levels.

Job Components Inventory is defined as a structured job analysis technique that concentrates on worker requirements for performing a job rather than on specific tasks.