Glossary M

Matching phenomenon is the tendency for men and women to choose as partners those who are a "good match" in attractiveness and other traits .
Material cause means "what a thing is made of according to Aristotle

Materialism refers to a theory that brain behavior functions are produced by matter in motion, favoring a mechanistic view of the brain as a machine; a view that everything that exists is material, or physical
Materialists refer to people who believe that everything in the universe is material/physical which include those things that others refer to as mental.

Materiality refers to the significance and importance of evidence to the outcome of the case

Materials is defined as a sub-section of the methods section that describes any written or videotaped sketches, questionnaires, surveys, and so forth that were used to test subjects

Materials subsection in the Research report is the portion of the method section that describes any questionnaires used in the st

Maternal Deprivation hypothesis refers to the notion that socially deprived infants develop abnormally because they have failed to establish attachments to a primary caregiver

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