Glossary M

Manifest dream is a term used in Freud's theory that refers to the surface or reported meaning of a dream.

Manifest dream content is the surface/ "visible" content of a dream; dream images as they are remembered by the dreamer.

Manipulated independent variable refers to an independent variable for which participants have been randomly assigned to an experimental group .

Manipulation is defined as the alteration of a variable by an experimenter in expectation that the alteration will result in a change in the dependent variable . In an experiment , identifying the specific values of the independent variable to be examined and then creating treatment conditions corresponding to each of these values.

Manipulation check is a term used in an experiment which refers to an additional measure used to assess how the participants perceived and interpreted the manipulation and/or to assess the direct effect of the manipulation.
Manner of articulation is how the airflow is obstructed as a consonantis produced; how a speech sound is articulated, for example, stop, fricative , and so on,.

Manslaughter is defined as a criminal homicide without malice, committed intentionally after provocation (voluntary manslaughter) or recklessly (involuntary manslaughter ). Moreover, Manslaughter refers to the killing of a person not surmounting to criminal murder

Manual Dexterity refers to the movement skills which involves the ability to use both hands, for example - learning to dress, eat with utensils, tie shoelaces.

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